For three decades, as president of Jasman Construction/Truss & Panel, I have concentrated on molding the company’s reputation for tackling the most difficult projects.

Jasman’s portfolio of complex, high profile steel panel, truss and interior and exterior finish work is replete with engineering and logistical challenges that would cause most specialty contractors to throw up their hands and say “it can’t be done”. Through it all, Jasman’s dedication to pioneering prefabrication and new building systems has remained undeterred by the highly cyclical economy of eastern Michigan.

Jasman began prefabrication thirty years ago when it was not conventional to do so. Over the years we’ve refined our facility and our processes, and really pushed the envelope with respect to claddings and finishes.

The result has been some very unique projects that have stretched the bounds of what can be built in the shop.

A hallmark of Jasman’s drive to innovation is it’s crew & design staff’s creativity in utilizing existing products in entirely new applications. Computer Aided Design combined with over 100 highly skilled tradesmen and women working in the shop and field creates a synergy of people committed to making each project a success!

Lee F. Jasinski